Sunday, July 02, 2006

Deep Thoughts II

It is Sunday again and the second day of July. More deep thoughts! I'm checking out a blog on Victoria's housing market sent to me by a friend in Nanaimo. Good site, go check it out:

The most recent post is about housing of course with a nice link to Garth Turner's weblog.

Let me just say that the Victoria housing market is out of control. Some say that it isn't going to drop, that it will actually go up because of the coming Olympics. Gee I wonder what the BC government and the Olympic planners have up their sleeves for dealing with all the homeless people that will be around by 2010 if this market continues to rise.

Currently I'm not even in the market, I can't afford it like so many others I know. I'm thinking it might be possible to gather my friends together and buy a house with a suite in it and split the mortgage. Or can I hope for one of two things to happen.. 1) I finally win a huge amount in the lottery and can afford my own grossly overpriced home or 2) the market crashes and I get to own a home because some poor sod can't make his mortgage payments and the bank reclaims his house.

I might even wish for the house with the helicopter on the dock...I don't have a pensis afterall!!

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