Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Since Thursday, July 20....

On July 20th Paula, Allison, John and I went for a bike ride right after work. This left getting home later, having a bite to eat and sitting down to email a friend in Calgary, a friend in England, a friend in Nanaimo and reading a few newsletters, the blog, etc. Only.....I couldn't connect to email or the internet. The main computer upstairs was receiving both internet and email; the computer at the very top of the house used by the ever revolving student live-in was not working as well. No one was home to fix the matter.

Friday I sent emails from work during my breaks and lunch hour, got caught up on my email reading and deleted various junk mail. Friday I got home...no email no internet. Oh well, it was the weekend and for the most part I usually take a break from the computer.

However, I did want to view the blog on Sunday and receive the photos of our kayaking in the Inner Harbour. Still nothing would work.

The people currently living upstairs are my landlord's girlfriend and her two adult children. Neither woman is computer saavy although the 17 year old daughter spends hours on MSN and shops online. She freaked out when I suggested rebooting the system, and her mother agreed. The suggestion was to wait until her son could figure it out. Plus, well I was on wireless anyway and they weren't. I did point out that the thick blue cable coming out of the black box sitting on the floor, the thick blue cable that went throught the floor to the basement was plugged into my computer. They said they didn't know what to do. I suggested phoning the internet company and getting technical help. This was now Monday night.

I went downstairs and read. By today, Tuesday morning I figured that I've gotten another book almost finished and am well on my way to making a dent, be it small, in the pile of books I have to read. Which got me thinking that maybe not having use of the computer for a few days wasn't as bad as I felt it was. I was still able to access my email online at work. Did I really need to check it again when I got home??

I think this post has answered that question....the minute I got home I checked to see if the mail was working...I've spent the last few hours....ok, I confess, from 5:00 to 9:20 I've been on the computer, although I have spoken to my mother, phoned Edmonton to talk to my younger sister and wish her eldest happy birthday on turning 8. My plan tonight was to go for a bike ride and read....not going to happen...although if I shut down now I can get in some reading before sleep...

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