Thursday, May 08, 2008

Going Green

I'm reading, or rather scanning, Gillian Deacon's Green For Life, 200 Simple Eco-Ideas for Every Day. Good thing I'm moving as it will give me an opportunity to do more towards having a green home and taking more steps towards living green.

One step I took on my computer, although I should have purchased a to change my search engine to rather than using Google or Dogpile.

I no longer us my Swiffer..well I don't buy the dry or wet cloths for it. I still use it but I use it with old facecloths attached. Works just as well if not better at cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors, and the facecloth gets put into the laundry to be used again. Next time I cut up old tshirts or flannel pjs to make rags, I will cut some made to measure the Swiffer.

A great book with loads of tips, which I will probably share in the next months...