Monday, June 19, 2006

Deep Thoughts on a Sunday

Two things happened this Sunday, well three if you count kayaking (see, that made me stop to wonder WHY???

The first thought provoking event happened after purchasing $40.00 worth of gas (full tank!!) and thinking that I should possibly check on the price of windshield washer. Only two types were available -- the blue coloured type only what the gas station had was for winter weather. This is June, Victoria June, which may not be that warm but certainly isn't winter weather. The other washer available was summer grade for removing bugs, etc, was pinkish coloured and came in spring rain scent. 1) I am not going to be able to smell the washer when I squirt it on my windows because my window will be closed because I don't want to be splashed with little droplets of fluid. 2) the car in front of me probably won't be able to smell this stuff either. Why does the summer washer fluid get scented when the blue winter washer fluid isn't??

Second event...I'm driving along Beach Drive coming from the Fairfield area, I pass through the Victoria Golf Course ($100 or more to be a member and haunted too!) when I noticed yellow signs have been added along the road warning of errant golf balls. You're thinking yeah so what there should be signs.

I'm thinking as I drive along....11 years I've lived here and finally someone put up signs...Someone got beaned, someone was gonna sue-ewe....


  1. You're lucky -- cost me $100 to fill my van... and of course the price dropped 3 cents a couple of days later...

  2. Ooo it's a lot more than $100 to be a member at that golf course. The GREEN FEES are about that much for a single game!
    Oh, and don't go looking for the ghost with John. Local legend says if dating couples see the ghost, break-up follows. We'll go together and then have hot chocolate, ok? No break ups.

  3. Actually, you can smell the scented washer fluid. I bought some by accident a couple of years ago and spent the next couple of weeks wondering where the hell that smell was coming from. Your fresh air vents tend to pull the scent into the car.
    It drove me crazy, because although the scent wasn't the worst thing I've ever smelled, it was a number of volatile chemicals being pulled into an enclosed space where I had to breathe them for an extended period. And there was no way for me to know what the chemicals were or what the short and long term effects of them might be in my body.