Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Discrimination against women still exists....

I have gratitude for those feminists who came before I did and changed the working world. I benefit from their fight for equal rights and equal pay in the workforce. Still I do find it rather sad that for all their hard work I still am paid less than a man. It is nice to see that the new Administrative Registrar is a woman and I'm pretty impressed with the job Linda has done to date. However forward thinking the work place there is still discrimination against women.

1) take drycleaning costs. Why do I have to pay more to have my clothes drycleaned compared to a man? Mind you I don't buy a lot of clothes that need drycleaning because I think it is too toxic and I hate the smell. But I do have to do somethings so I'm still in with my women friends on this one.

2) Why do I pay more for my haircut?? It doesn't take any longer to cut my hair, I've timed it. One place in Victoria that does do fair hair cuts is Rapunzel -- they charge by time which seems fair to me. Why don't other salons do this?? When does a haircut become too expensive??

3) Why do I pay more to get my car fixed?? Yes, women actually get charged more than men because mechanics think we are dumb.

4) Why do I pay more for a basic white tshirt or underwear for that matter? Why do women's clothes cost more overall??

This is just discrimination in another form. Women we need to stand up and say "no more charging us more!!"
And men, you need to give us a helping hand on this one...ask why your woman has to pay more!

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