Sunday, January 15, 2006

Steven Harper related to Ricky of Trailer Park Boys

A few mornings ago, after grabbing my morning coffee at Finnerty Express at UVic, I was on the way out the door when something caught my eye. Usually the front cover of the newspaper does catch my eye but this one made me laugh as well. There in glorious colour was a photo of Steven Harper beside a photo of Ricky of Trailer Parks Boys with the headline Steven Harper and Ricky of Trailer Park Boys Distant Cousins. Now this is Canada....but the image of back woods American, the faint sounds of dueling banjos still passed through my mind as I stood there. Is this news? Probably not. Is this a pot shot at Harper, who knows. Either way I found it rather amusing, and it confirms what I already feel.....Harper is one scary guy!!

Here's a link re Harper's Trailer Park Boys connection.

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