Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nope, no resonance at all

The conversation rambled, roamed, and never ended up where you thought it should, instead taking some lunatic tangent and following its own strange logic. In other words, the essence of human communication; odd associations and unexpected connections twisted through with the unspoken and non-verbally communicated to created a web of consequence. Just like a democracy, communication is supposed to be messy, awkward and anarchic. And just like democracy, you have to always be on guard against those who call for an end to anarchy and strive for precision,for order, as this betrays the undercurrent of fascism that lurks within us all. Italy allied government with corporate power to create stability in society. But the cost was that people were ruled for the good of the corporate powers that be. Democracy, that messy rage of competing interests, of choices made for the common good rather than for the good of the powerful and influential disappeared. The consent of the public was manufactured by a confluence of state and corporate interests through an owned media. Because freedom of the press, as Hearst said, is only guaranteed to the person who owns one. So, for the good of us all we were told what to do, how to think, what to feel. Be afraid. Consume. Do your job. Don't think. Don't act. You are not a citizen, you are a consumer. Stir in some nationalistic feeling to keep the ranks of the military filled (and enrich the corporations supplying the military from the public purse) so you can pursue a colonial war for resources, and you create a toxic brew that poisons the body politic for generations. Italy still hasn't recovered. But thankfully, the rest of the world took note and we no longer bow to money and privilege, no longer ally corporate interests with those of the state. We would no longer wage wars to colonize other countries in order for corporations to exploit their resources over the wishes and needs of the local population. Because that would mean we've learned nothing from a history so recent that the bullets are still in the bones of the tellers.

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