Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Election Survey

Due to the fact that I am part of a marketing panel, I often get invited to participate in online surveys. This time it was MacLean's Canada 20/20 panel all on the upcoming election, plus I could win $500 for every survey I completed and possibly $1,000 if I completed all 8. Not bad I thought and my opinions would be used in articles for MacLean's. I completed all 7 with the 8th to be done a few days after the election. Tonight, January 26 I completed the 8th. Most of the questions were did I vote?; who did I vote for?; why did I vote for that party?; choosing a few statements such as strongly agree, somewhat agree, etc. Why did I find Mr. Harper scary? I replied that anyone who would sell us to the States, would put women "in their place" and is in the same part as Mr. Day is scary to me. The questions then turned to health care -- I'm worried; how I felt about health care in my province - dissatisfied; how I felt about the provincial government -- greatly dissatisfied; and so on. Pretty standard questions, pretty dull really.....until this one came up on the screen. This one that made me laugh...this one that I just had to share....

Do you have a strongly favourable, somewhat favourable, neutral, somewhat unfavourable, or very unfavourable impression, or have you not heard of Gordon Campbell?
Please select one response only.
Strongly favourable

Somewhat favourable


Somewhat unfavourable

Strongly unfavourable

Do not recognize the name

This question is even funnier when you think that even the police in Hawaii have heard of Gordon Campbell!!

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