Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Working Class Bitch

So I was terminated February 5, picked myself up enough to start visiting personnel agencies on February 12, started a well-paid temp job at $21 an hour on February 15, was interviewed February 16, and hired February 21--a mere week and a half after beginning to submit my resume--and began work yesterday as an Executive Assistant to a VP at a large corporation. What a wonderful thing it is to be in a hot job market, to be sure! I was a little nervous, since EA positions don't come open as much as regular admin positions, but obviously I needn't have worried so much. Something in me that had been twisted very tightly began to loosen the day I got hired.

It's been interesting seeing what large corporations offer their employees to retain them right now. Salaries are only the beginning. The place where I temped offered employees a flexible work week which allows them one Friday off a month, and I was told that Shell Canada offers its people 17 flex days a year at present, to help retain them during negotiations with Royal Dutch Shell. 17 days--the mind boggles, not to mention envies. On the other hand, I became familiar with the people at Shell through my old position, and while I know nothing against them, I didn't want to risk meeting former colleagues through the connection. Oh well!

My place offers free coffee...and free pastries Monday and Wednesday, and free fruit on Tuesday and Thursday, at least on my floor. I get substantial discounts on the company's retail offerings (I heard 50%, but haven't seen the package yet), I will get my benefits on March 1st instead of having to wait till I am done probation--they don't even call it probation any more, but "an introductory period". The perqs vary from company to company, but there are some very sweet deals out there, to be sure. I'm happy, though, with a boss who seems like a decent person and in a company that has cheerful, helpful people working for it. Of course, there are some mistakes I plan never to make again...when all is said and done, I'm still just a working class bitch.


  1. Anonymous4:28 p.m.

    You have *so* got to help me in my own job search. You totally rock at this job search stuff, and I do not. I will bake biscotti for you and deliver 'em hand-tied with a bow. paula.johansonatgmail.com

  2. Congrats on finding a job so quickly!

    You'll love those days off!

    John H. and I get one every 3 weeks...plus vacation!

  3. Thanks, Lou!

    Paula, part of the ease with which I found a job is because I am living in Calgary. However, I will mention that I have given up on replying to things like newspaper ads (I never seem to get a reply), and instead I work through personnel agencies. Maybe that would work for you?