Friday, February 09, 2007

Because It Wasn't Enough Fun Before

I got a note from my doctor while still on stress leave, saying I was cleared to return to work without limitations. I brought it in to the nice lady in HR at 8:00 am this Monday morning. She checked it, ushered me into theoffice of the Vice President of HR, and scuttered away while he terminated me for reasons that he said he would not be discussing with me.

Terminated. With a whole extra week of severance pay because I signed the agreement saying I wouldn't sue their asses off. I've met their pet me, I wouldn't be suing anyhow, because I am sure if I did I would find myself in far worse trouble, and none of it illegal...just slimy.

I have revised my resume and my references, and have three personnel agency interviews lined up for next week so they can start telling new companies how fabulous I am. But I still think somebody deserves a punch in the head. For all I know, it could even be me...for trusting my former company to play fair....

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