Thursday, February 01, 2007

Does Losing Mean Waking Up?

In a blog post on Alternet, Jan Frel raises some interesting questions about just what it might mean if Amerika acknowledged that it has lost in Iraq. He seems to suggest that people might recognize that the American government is broken and there might be no way to fix it. Don't really know why it should--after all, after their defeat in Viet Nam, the fact that no matter who occupied the White House, the rulers remained the same group of Fascist monsters certainly seemed to disappear from public discourse. ML King noticed, but they shot him and his successors decided to shut the hell up.
Weatherman decided "got to revolution, got to revolution," but funny, they found that the citizens weren't really behind them. And, as the Airplane said, "one generation got old/one generation got sold/this generation got no destination to hold" which is as true as it's ever been. No, any talk of revolution is now and only ever will be "sound[ing] like a whisper" south of the border. No, the way I see it, it's up to the rest of the civilized world to just wall off this cancerous tumour, and let it fester until they've finished eating their own young and sending each other to the ovens. Then we can salt the earth behind them and get on with our own unfinished revolutions--like democracy.

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