Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Rabble Are Roused

In light of the arrests of some apparent Muslim extremists who were plotting to bomb targets in Ontario, it shouldn't be surprising that I heard someone on an open line radio show call for summary convictions of alleged terrorists. "Keep the lawyers out of it. And none of this civil liberties crap, either," the caller shouted. "We know they did it. Lock them away!"
I was almost positive that next he would demand that all Muslims in Canada be interred in large camps (not next to his house, of course).
Clearly, the rabble are roused.

(And it seems that the RCMP itself sold the fertilizer to the would-be bombers, at least according to this story that the Canadian media hasn't reported yet.
Addendum: The CBC got around to mentioning the RCMP sting in its coverage on June 7.)

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  1. As Rick Salutin points out in today's (June 23/06)Globe and Mail, everything possible has been done to fix the guilt of these alleged terrorists in the public mind--before any trial takes place. Thus the press conference and display of weapons to the media, etc. We must be convinced of their guilt as quickly and thoroughly as possible for maximun political effect.
    And the RCMP has quite the history of these illegal entrapment and sting operations--anyone rememer the bombing of the barn in Quebec back just befor ethe October Crisis?