Saturday, April 05, 2008

No room at the Inn...

Due to being on a mailing list for available properties in Victoria, I often am sent newsletters regarding Dockside Green and the next phase. This week's newsletter presented a welcom to a Family of 7 who had just purchased a "home" in Dockside Green. A beautiful couple with 5 kids between them from Albert purchased their vacation home. I hope this family of 7 realize that most Victoria residents can't afford to purchase, even those with modest to middle incomes find it difficult, let alone the lower income families who can barely make ends meet. Maybe they will kindly sell their vacation condo to a lower income family when they themselves find they can't get to BC when flying is no longer viable. It also means another empty condo for most of the year. Instead of deleting the newsletter, I decided to comment, after all the newsletter stated comments were welcome....

Dear Dockside Green

Dockside Green may be innovative in sustainability and creating a community, but who is this community for? Is this a community of those who live in Victoria or those who only will be vacationing here or who live in Alberta?

It is with dismay that I read about the family of 7 from Alberta who just purchased a vacation home in Dockside Green. You may welcome them, others wish they would stay in the province next door. This just means another empty condo for most of the year while low income to middle income Victoria residents cannot afford to purchase a condo. How nice of you to actually offer some of your condos to residents only. It would impress me more if you offered more condos to residents and less to those who only wish to vacation here.

Maybe the Dockside Team should take a good look at this week's Monday Magazine and read about the all the condo construction yet there are few rental buildings.

Personally, I am sick and tired of seeing empty condos abound in our city because they are purchased by people who don't live here while low income to middle income people cannot afford housing at all.

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