Monday, November 05, 2007

Left Behind? Apparently Not...

Is there nothing old that cannot be made "new" again? Or rather, any bullshit that can't be used to fleece the sheep one more time? If you've ever wondered who Tim LaHaye was before he authored the Left Behind series, this article from Katherine Yurica (excerpted from her book The New Messiahs) might help.

Katherine Yurica is a news intelligence analyst. She was educated at East
Los Angeles College, the University of Southern California and
the USC school of law. She worked as a consultant for Los Angeles
County and as a news correspondent for Christianity Today
plus as a freelance investigative reporter. She
is the author of
Bloodguilty Churches and The Despoiling
of America as well as the unpublished book,
The New Messiahs,
which is presently represented by her literary agent, Ken Sherman
(of Ken Sherman Associates). Katherine is also the publisher
of the
Yurica Report.

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