Thursday, September 06, 2007

NRC = Nobody Really Cares

As this Reuters article points out, the real problem with nuclear power isn't nuclear power (No Karl, I'm not dissing nuclear power. Really.), it's with the class criminals running the plants and the seemingly complete lack of oversight on the part of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Nuclear power isn't safe until the regulations are enforced. Alberta really needs to pay attention to this before the plant gets built. Not that I think they will--Alberta's regulation tends to lag 3 or 4 decades behind problems.
The Alberta government under Ed Stelmach knows they're facing a problem with building a plant in Fort MacMurray--the public doesn't want it. But they also know that can be changed; just tell everyone that "those Eastern bastards don't want us to build one, they want to keep us down!" and then pass the permission as an order in council at the beginning of a new term. That's the easiest way to avoid democratic oversight....
BTW, you might want to check out The Postnormal Times--someone who's trying to get the science right.

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