Thursday, September 13, 2007

It all depends on who's paying....

From Democracy Now:

Chiquita Execs Won’t Face Charges for Funding Colombia Militia

The Justice Department has announced it won’t seek criminal charges
against any current or former executives of the fruit giant Chiquita
International. Earlier this year Chiquita admitted to making $1.7
million in illegal payments to the United Self-Defense Forces of
Colombia -- considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.
Questions are being raised whether the Justice Department decision is
an attempt to avoid scrutiny of whether the Bush administration gave
Chiquita its tacit approval. Last month Chiquita revealed it told
Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff of the payments while
Chertoff was at the Justice Department in April 2003. Chertoff promised
a response, but never replied. Chiquita kept making payments for nearly
another year. The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia has been on
the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations for six years.
It’s blamed for thousands of murders in Colombia.

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