Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....

I recently read in Boulevard Magazine and interesting bit of news. Something I do every day but didn't really think about. I look in a mirror daily...so what..only what I am seeing is not what others see. I don't really see "myself". The image is reversed....how in the future this may change and I will truly see myself. How? By looking into a true mirror....read below from the site I found on the True Mirror.
For all of our history, when people think they see themselves, they are always seeing themselves reflected backwards. Recently, with cameras and video, they can get a sense of what they look like forwards, but its a static or non-eye to eye view. However, as it turns out, the backward images and person we see in a mirror is profoundly different from what is real. The backwardsness distorts not just our features, but the information in our faces and personalities as well. No wonder we see ourselves differetnly than others see us!

A True Mirror is surprisingly more than an amazing novelty. We are excited to promote as a new source of self-discovery and enlightenment.

The introspective use of the True Mirror can be an important boost towards your own self-acceptance and greater self-esteem. This happens by authenticating your own actual image and expressions as you exist in real life, and as your are seen by everyone else.

In contrast, the incorrect view seen in a traditional mirror can be major source of self-doubt and self-criticism - simply because it is not the "real you" when your eyes meet in the mirror. How can you understand yourself, your emotions and your expressions when there is such distortion?

We've discovered some fascinating aspects of human nature that arise when people see their true appearance. Because it is very challenging to confront new information about one's self, the responses are usually very dramatic...some love it, some hate it, and some will not even look! But we feel its just a matter of time to become familiar with the new image, and most people will begin to prefer the new look. Its natural, after all.

the photo attached at the top of this post are comments from people who have truly seen themselves....

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  1. Back in the 1980's there was a program for PCs and Amigas called the True Mirror. It claimed to convert the monitor of the computer into a true mirror. Not just any mirror but a mirror that has a true image and not a reverse image. When a person runs the true mirror program, the program tells them to get closer to the monitor. Then 30 seconds later it displays a picture of a monkey or ape and says that is the true you.

    It was more of an April Fool's gag.