Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Telus sacks system access fee

CBC News - Technology & Science - Telus sacks system access fee

CBC got it wrong. I have received my new Telus 2 year contract invoice and I'm being charged access fees.

I had a 3 year contract which expired, and Telus tried to tell me by texting me and charging me for the text. They reversed the charge. They didn't bother to tell me when I phoned about the charge that my contract was up. When I did find out and said my partner used Fido for a much better rate, Telus began phoning me. Phoning me at work and at home and inbetween to get my business. At the beginning of December 2009 I dropped into Tom Harris Cellular in Tillicum Mall to renew the contract or discuss options as Telus had offered me a $15.00 monthly rate.

I paid Tom Harris Cellular $39.20 for Service and Support and got a new phone.

My invoice from Telus arrived today and is $52.85. I used to pay $31.30 per month.

My invoice breakdown:

Super Talk 15 (Dec 10 to Jan 09) $15.00
Super Talk 15 (Dec 7 to Dec 09) $1.50
Talk $20 my old plan gives me a $2.00 credit

Equipment Exchange $25.00 (I'll get back to this charge)
Rate Plan Change $10.00
Rate Plan Change credit $10.00

Enhanced 911 Access Charge $0.05
Enhanced 911 Access Charge $0.50
Enchanced 911 Access Charge credit $0.05
System Access Fee $0.70
System Access Fee $6.95
Systems Access Fee credit $0.46
Total $7.69

I'm being charged an access fee that the CBC reported in October 2009 Telus was no longer charging. But wait.....they are charging it. Technically if I was month to month and now have a NEW contract should I be paying access charges??? Very confusing.

I phoned Telus Customer Service and got a $25.00 credit on my bill. I was then told my monthly bill next month would be $30.00. My old bill was $31.30

Wow Telus has saved me a whopping $1.30 per month. I've signed a 2 year contract which will cost me $400 to cancel.

I feel Telus reps who phoned me and made me an offer of a $15.00 plan to reduce my monthly bill were not upfront about all the extra charges. They made it sound as if they were offering me the plan my partner has with Fido, where he pays about $15.00 a month for his cell phone service, no access fee.

When my 2 year contract is up I will never ever use Telus again. Unfortunately our land phone and internet is with them. Maybe we should be changing those to Shaw.


  1. There is of course very little actual competition, given that most of the different companies are in fact all different brandings of the same companies. So forget minor differences between this plan or that plan, because they all charge significantly more than the same service in the US or Japan. Somebody explain that to me.

  2. Anonymous9:50 a.m.

    35 Million people in Canada, second largest country in the world
    US - 305 million people - 4th largest country in the world
    Japan - 127 million people - 61st largets country in the world
    You do the math........think before you speak.