Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It Might Just Be Me....

...but I have a feeling that Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is no fan of Stephen Harper.
Here's some choice quotes from his speech today to a St John's business group.

"Make no mistake — you won't hear Stephen Harper admit he may win a majority government because he is terrified that people might actually stop and think about the consequences. Well, I beg you all today — stop, think and decide if that is what this country deserves...
"A majority government for Stephen Harper would be one of the most negative political events in Canadian history. Even without a majority, he has cut funding for minorities, cut funding for literacy, cut funding to students, volunteers, museums and arts and culture groups right across the country [and] his government cut funding to women's groups and … actually went so far as to remove the federal mandate to advance equality for women. This all happened under a minority government. What in heaven's name will happen if he gets a majority?"

Don't hold back, Danny. Tell us what you really feel.

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