Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Know, I Know. Hard To Believe

According to this story from the CBC, crime is down again in Canada. Down seven percent, in fact (based on StatsCan data).

"StatsCan data released Thursday shows a seven per cent drop in the
national crime rate, which the agency said also stems from fewer
serious violent offences like homicides, attempted murders, sexual
assaults and robberies."

Check that--FEWER violent offences. Overall crime rate has been declining since 1991, number of robberies with a firearm down 12% since last year, and a long-term downward trend since the mid-1970s. Hell, even youth crime--which rose slightly last year--dropped, with non-violent offences falling and violent crime remaining stable.
But none of this promotes "fear and consumption" (to quote Marilyn Manson--not something I do often). It even indicates that maybe our much maligned court system isn't doing so badly. This also corresponds with more women on police forces, more targeted policing (rather than more fascist police-state tactics), and the rise of bike cops. Fewer choppers, more bike cops! No flak jackets and sunglasses, more bike shorts! A mock-able cop is a cop who has to learn to get respect from the quality of their work, not the intimidation factor of their clothes.
The StatsCan report is here.

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  1. Karl Johanson7:53 p.m.

    I'm no fan of fascist police state tactics. However, the report cited notes that there has been a decline in reporting of crimes from 37% of the total to 34% (in this case since 1999). To see how that affects the Stats Can rate, 34 is 92% of 37. We would thus have an 8% expected decline in the Stat's Can figure, just from the decrease in reporting.