Thursday, March 06, 2008

Batshit Crazy

...that's the Texas legislature. It is, you know, illegal for a person to purchase a dildo in Texas. Well, unless it is for scientific or educational purchases. If you're a safe sex educator, go wild. Well, not too wild, as possession of six or more is a felony--possession with intent to distribute-- but, if you have five or fewer, you are just a hobbyist.
This is another example of how these crazy bastards go insane when it comes to female sexuality. The video that goes along with this article has the incomparable Molly Ivins talking about just how bugfuck these Texas looners (the elected officials of the great state of...) really are. And make no mistake, these guys (and they are all guys) are batshit crazy. Scared to death of women's sexuality, paranoid about consenting relationships between any two adults, the human race wouldn't miss these guys if they vanished tomorrow (well, except maybe the humour value).
What the hell is this dementia on the Right? Intellectual dishonesty, pure, everyday I'm-a-lying-sack-of-shit dishonesty, homosexual panic, heterosexual panic, the desire for death, destruction, and Armageddon. WTF? I suspect that it's the result of eating a Western diet with too much Texas beef in it. Any time I think that there might be some value in a Rightist argument, you see where these slippery slopes lead. And make no mistake, I think the Harper (and provincial Right wing) government(s) want to do exactly the same thing as these Texas legislators. And given half a chance, they will.
Be afraid. Then be very very active....

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