Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day 2008

It's always something... Roseanne Roseannadanna

So New Year's Day is overcast, +7C, and there's a bit of wind. So at 10:00am Paula and I hit the Bay--me for a proper (brief!) swim, and Paula up to her waist . This is the second year that I've started the new year like this, and I'd already spent a couple of hours hitting the books planning a four day kayaking trip for May, but Paula (who was out without me last night until all hours of this morning) had only been up for a short while. But regardless, a swim in Cadboro Bay is a heck of a way to remind yourself that this a new year starting.

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  1. Anonymous5:59 a.m.

    And you want to be taken seriously as a political columnist. Swimming in the Bay January 1 clearly indicates that you and yours are loons!