Thursday, December 13, 2007

Known Knowns and Unknown Knowns

So, listening to testimony and the coverage thereof today, I began to wonder "what do we really know about this relationship?" As far as I can tell, what we know--even after all the testimony-- is that:
  • Karlheinz Schrieber said he knew Brian Mulroney
  • KS said he'd paid Brian $300,000 and that Brian hadn't done what he was supposed to do for it
  • The RCMP were looking into any relationship between the two, leading up to the infamous letter to the Swiss authorities asking to take a look at banking records
  • Brian freaked out and denied any relationship--denied KS three times or more-- and decided to sue the Canadian government of the day for allowing the RCMP investigation of the relationship between himself and KS
  • The government folded and ended up paying out $2.1 million to Lyin' Brian
  • Some time later, Lyin' Brian declared the money he had received from KS to Revenue Canada--fearing them more than the RCMP it would seem...
  • and really, that's about it
Everything since then has really just been restatements of these facts, with embellishments. The question really boils down to "what can be proven" and "who do you believe more?" Because on the one hand you have a known liar and lowlife with connections to the rich and powerful and on the other you have Karlheinz Schrieber. After all, there were reasons that Brian Mulroney had an approval rating under 18% when he left office, and as much as he's tried in the intervening years, there hasn't really been any rehabilitation of his reputation. The man is still a liar. But is he more of a liar than Karlheinz?
And honestly, Brian is known to talk regularly with Stephen Harper. So is it reasonable to believe that he never mentioned Schrieber to him? Really? Not saying the current PM had anything to do with anything, just saying that it really sounds like Brian is up to his old lyin' ways again.
So will we ever find out where the truth lies? i mean, I have plenty of reasons to despise the former Prime Minister of Canada, I really don't need a false one too. But if it is true, it will really confirm much of what I already suspected about the man, and I wouldn't want to miss out on that. And seeing brian behind bars? Priceless.....

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