Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Eurovision 2007 entry

Check out Youtube for more of the Eurovision 2007 entries. Clive was correct--the UK entry was appalling...actually, if possible, it was worse than appalling...Here's the entry from Bulgaria. France had, well, ermmm, one really has to see France's entry themselves.


  1. Shades of Jean-Michael Jarre! The French have always been good at this sort of thing, and I gotta say, I think that in a better world this would be an international hit--like Enya's Orinoco Flow was. Tribal beats, mideast drones, and that wild voice coupled to some breath-taking images; pure coolness!

  2. OK the video was pretty... but were there actually words? At all?

    As for France, I know one 19yr old gay boy with a eurovision fetish who has probably already watched this video 80 million times. And I don't blame him.

    As the first comment read, when I went to watch the video, "It's gay and happy... Just like me!!"