Monday, January 29, 2007

And Thanks For Contributing!

I am presently on stress leave from my soul-destroying job. Such fun! My boss adored me until I told her I was going to see the doctor about taking stress leave, at which point I became something she couldn't wait to scrape off her shoe. Hey, boss? Thanks for contributing! Just for that I may take stress leave until the day I hand in my notice. And you really should test out that theory about turning lumps of coal into diamonds by using them as suppositories.

The great thing about Calgary (and yes, there are some) is that right now the job market is so hot that I will have no trouble finding another job. Still, the revolving door for the admins on the executive floor where I currently work is starting to generate a very nice breeze, and it would be nice if they would use my departure as a wake-up call. Most of the personnel agencies in town won't even work for my company any more.

However, the agency that does still work for my company (and through whom I found this job) once told a friend of mine that we Gen X folks, with our great work ethic, require three Gen Y workers to replace us. I find that rather shocking, but apparently it is documented in HR manuals all over the place. The Gen Y people don't work unpaid overtime, they take their full lunch break and all the coffee breaks they're entitled to, and I must admit I can see some merit in their point of view right about now.

I am still tired and feeling other physical signs of stress, but mostly when I think about returning to work. If my boss had been decent about my leave, it wouldn't be so bad, but I fully expect her to try to chase me out the door by being a complete beyotch when I return. Thanks for contributing, boss...hope you find some nice Gen Y workers in sloppy clothes to look down their noses at you and snort in disdain when you ask for a 60-hour work week....

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  1. YEAH!!! Thank you for posting this, I just hope someone from my office reads the blog and sees your post. Maybe they will figure out why things aren't working in my office anymore. We have too many Gen Y staff and the Gen X are walking out the door cause they are being passed over for these young people.