Sunday, December 03, 2006

Why does this feel weird?

I was sitting in Starbucks--yeah, I know, but they really are my local coffee shop--and there was some not too bad music playing. Then there was a station ID; I was listening to Starbucks own radio network, which, the voice pointed out, was available exclusively on XM satellite radio. Okay, so you buy a satellite radio, pay a monthly or annual subscription fee, and then listen to ... Starbucks? This just feels weird, like some bizarre form of corporate incest run amok.


  1. Next time go across the street to your other local coffee shop. Buy local!! Or better still, try UVic's Finnerty Express or SUB Bean There or the UVic Cinecentre which has Kicking Horse coffee.

    Really...Starbucks....then happens to be my local coffee shop along with Otavio's and Serious Coffee.

  2. Frankly, Lou, I really don't like Olive Olio's coffee, that's why I drink Starbucks. And while Finnerty's has decent coffee, it doesn't have the space or the quietness of this Starbucks--Finnerty's is much noisier and busier. Although I do use Finnerty's when I am invigilating exams at the university--good coffee, just not aplace I find comfortable for longer periods of time.