Saturday, February 11, 2006

Conversation Cafe

I work at UVic--in Undergraduate Admissions & Records which recently hired a new Administrative Registrar and a woman to boot. Our new "leader" is trying to be innovative with allowing staff to contribute to the overall running of what we call the OAR (Office of the Administrative Registrar). We talk in code at UVic alot. Anyway the first Conversation Cafe is about being a great boss and what makes a great boss. There are two sessions -- Feb 7 and Feb 16; I'm scheduled for the Feb 16 one and since I don't like going in cold I've been doing a bit of research. And then it occurred to me with the Harper latest fiasco and being off to a bad start that what I'm reading applies to him as well. Here is how to be a great boss (the following doesn't not include all great boss points):

Definitely Define -- know where you are going, you team also needs to know where they are and where they are going. Your mission and goals should always be clear to all your team members. If you team doesn't know where they are or where they are going how can they get anywhere?

Be a True Leader -- leading people does not mean telling them what to do. Guiding them, helping them and teaching your team and setting an example to follow are part of being a leader. You must be a positive role model and practice what you preach, otherwise the quality of your team's work as individuals and consequently that of the team will suffer not to mention your credibility.

Motivation -- this is one of the hardest tasks but one of the most important. Motivation is key when it comes to the quality of work and dedication. Pay attention to what uniquely motivates different people. Recognition, praise on a job well done, promotions, increase in responsibilities and financial incentives are also very important.

Hmmm....well Mr. Harper you've obviously been brushing up on the motivation side of being a leader. Credibility is starting to suffer though.

I'm getting ready to vote again.....

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